Matthew 9:37-38

Then He said to His disciples, "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. "Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."

Dimili Kurds

The Kurds as a group are the largest ethnicity in the world without their own state. Their territory called “Kurdistan” encompasses parts of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey where the bulk of the estimated 25 million kurds live. Within this group are various smaller groups divided by dialects and culture of which the Dimili Kurds are one such group. There is an estimated 4 million Dimili kurds who speak Dimili they are considered amongst the world’s least reached with the gospel. According to Gordon Conwell – Theological Seminary’s Center for the Study of Global Christianity they rank in the Top 168 Least Evangelized Megapeoples (One million or more population in the year 2000 and less than 50% evangelized)

According to Mission Frontiers Nov/Dec 04 issue “Which Peoples Need Priority Attention” and its Jan/Feb 05 Issue the Dimili Kurds are in the Top 10 of Unreached People Groups needing attention. As of this writing the Dimili Kurds are still in need of evangelization and church planting efforts. Our focus here is to encourage missionary/church planting endeavors, help those seeking additional information, and point attention to reaching the Dimili Kurds through prayer.

Our Mission

We endeavor to motivate and inspire informed prayer and action toward the development of strategies and implementation of ministry, resulting in the full evangelization of the Dimili Kurds of Turkey. Reporting regularly on progress while, advocating for the rights to mission, evangelization, and necessary resources.

Short Term Goals

  • Inform the Christian community about the need of the Dimili Kurds for evangelization.
  • Report on progress of tools being developed for the purpose of evangelization i.e. Bible translation, tracks, discipleship material etc
  • Stimulate prayer for God to open doors for those who would minister among the Dimili Kurds.
  • Mobilize great commission Christians toward ministry to the Dimili Kurds.
  • Assist in the planting of churches among the Dimili Kurds.
John Bunyan
  • Prayer is a sincere, sensible, affectionate pouring out of the soul to God, through Christ in the strength and assistance of the Spirit, for such things as God has promised.
Upcoming Prayer Points
Kurds in the News
  • 09.22.08 Watch this space for future news These spaces will be used to give quick reports on what the Lord is doing in the field.
  • 09.12.08 Kurdish Language rights A campaign for mother tongue rights is well under way in Turkey, continuing yesterday with tens of thousands of people attending a rally in Batman demanding the right to officially be able to speak and be educated in Kurdish
  • 09.02.08 Peace Rally Tens of thousands of people who gathered at Kadıköy/ Istanbul for the peace meeting on Sunday demanded democratic solution for the Kurdish problem
  • 08.23.08 London Youth Rally We are delighted to announce that the 5th Kurdish Youth Festival will take place September 19-24 in London.
  • 09.23.08 Site Disclaimer I have made every attempt to assure that the information contained on this site is accurate. If you find that some of the information is mistaken please contact us and let us know the nature of the discrepancy along with the correction.